Lo & Behold: 5 Design-Directed Questions for Alan Lo


Lo & Behold: 5 Design-Directed Questions for Alan Lo


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A Renaissance man in the truest sense, Alan Lo is a restaurateur, a property developer and a leading voice in Hong Kong’s art and design scene. Through his roles as Chairman of Ambassadors of Design and co-founder of both The Press Room Group and Blake’s property developers, he has shown a commitment to retaining and celebrating Hong Kong’s architectural heritage. If there is one person with a finger on the pulse of art, culture and design in Hong Kong, it’s Alan Lo.

Name 5 people who will influence art & design in Asia in the next 5 years?

a)      Joanne Ooi – Clean Air Network

b)       Victor Lo – Former member of Executive Council, HKSAR Government and Chairman, Hong Kong Design Centre

c)       Magnus Renfrew – Director of Hong Kong International Art Fair

d)       Yana Peel  – Cofounder of Intelligence Squared and Board member of Para/Site Art Space.

e)       Lars Nittve – Swedish art critic tapped to head Museum Plus (M+), which will be part of the West Kowloon Cultural District.

If there’s one trend that will have a significant impact on the design scene in Asia in the next 5 years, what will it be?

When design succeeds in democratizing itself and reaches the masses. We measure its success when the design becomes an integral part in the life of Joe Bloggs down the street.

Three things you’re lusting for now?

Guangzhou Opera House, Antler chandelier by Jason Miller for “Roll and Hill”, an early 1990s work by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

Something you’ve seen, heard or read recently that made you pause and think?

When our government recently decided to rebate every citizen in Hong Kong HK$6000, I realized that money could fund the construction of two West Kowloon Cultural Districts – instantly!

What’s wrong with the Asian design scene?

There’s nothing’s wrong with it! It’s a process that every emerging region or city goes through.  Milan and Paris were generations in the making……. We’re playing catch up and doing quite well, I have to say.

Catherine Feliciano-Chon

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