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If you could design a house in any shape or form to make a statement about the future, what would it look like?

That is exactly what The Dollhouse Project is exploring with some of the most prolific architects and designers in town. In collaboration with The Madison Group, the designers are invited to create bespoke “dollhouses” that capture their vision of the future of home living.

The project has already seen some considerable star power. Its inaugural collection, launched at the grand opening event for House of Madison in October 2014, featured one-of-a-kind creations by Norman Chan of BTR WorkshopNeri&Hu, and Philip Liao and Partners. Talk about a conversation starter!

Far from producing dollhouses in the conventional sense, each masterpiece is an abstract representation of the designer’s statement on the future of domestic lifestyles from aesthetic, socio-political or even philosophical perspectives. Last year’s collection touched on such varied topics as spatial balance and mixing materials, the one-child policy, and the delicate dynamics of balancing different views within the same household.

Its 2015 installment will be revealed at an exclusive preview event next week, and will feature an all-new collection of statement pieces by Alan Chan Design Co., ESKYIU and via.

If you’re a fan of both art and architecture, The Dollhouse Project is definitely not to be missed. The 2015 collection, along with Neri&Hu’s creation from 2014, will be on display at House of Madison starting May 19th, 2015.


(Photo credit: The Madison Group)

Catherine Feliciano-Chon

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