Design on Slow-Forward: How Will the Global Pandemic Impact the Future of Design?

Like Covid-19, cataclysmic events in history, from the Black Death and the tuberculosis outbreak to the Great Depression were unprecedented. Yet they ushered in, whether directly or indirectly, remarkably powerful periods of creativity. The sequence is plausible: After long intervals of isolation and stifled expression, humans emerge with a sharpened perspective and an extreme desire to create, leaning into hardship to reintroduce beauty into a battered society.

For many across the globe, the passage of time feels slowed, or even on pause. In examining the state of our world after 2020, it is with a renewed sense of optimism that we anticipate both the challenges and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Exploring the opportunities and key movements ahead, this special report draws from research and conversations with respected architects and interior designers, as well as insights from CatchOn’s recent webinar entitled “Catch the Experts: How is Covid-19 Impacting the Future of Design?”.

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    Design on Slow-Forward
    10 + 10: A report profiling China’s most innovative talents and identifying the projects and people we’ll be talking about the next 10 years.
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