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Leave it to high society ‘agony uncle’ David Tang to come up with a way for celebs to combat tabloid tattle, gossip and unfounded rumors. His new website –– gives celebrities a chance to set the record straight. For a fee, of course.

Billed as the “universal website for corrections to lies, misinformation and misrepresentations,” it’s already got the likes of Kate Moss, Michael Caine, Tracey Emin and Tommy Hilfiger – no doubt all friends of SDT – as subscribers. But the service is not exclusive to celebs – it’s also open to minions, like me. Yes, anyone who wants to close down the rumor mill and has $1,000 (per year) to do it, can sign up. Even corporations are invited to join.

Just think of it as a cyber soapbox. Too bad the website’s blah design leaves a lot to be desired. Coming from a man credited for creating Shanghai Tang and the China Club, I’d expect something with more pizzazz. But nevertheless, a brilliant idea.

Check it out – – and let me know if I stand corrected!

Paul Calder

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