An immersion into key trends driving and defining an ever-evolving industry.

Having represented some of the world’s largest global hospitality brands and tourism destinations, our team of specialists create compelling stories and experiences as well as motivate brands toward innovation. Our trend reports uncover important trends and forecast the future of the travel industry, informed by well-researched data and insights from the experts.

Travel in 2021: Safe, Slower, Soulful, Secluded, Sustainable (2020)

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we think and act, leading us to reflect on the motives and pursuits that inspire us to see the world. Following a tumultuous year in tourism, we forecast the trends that will define international travel in the years to come.

Regenerative Travel Principles for Hospitality (2020)

What does it mean to travel consciously today? Learn about the importance of shifting from sustainability to regeneration from pioneering hoteliers, resort owners, and movers and shakers of this emerging movement. Produced with Regenerative Travel, this report explores the meaning of regeneration—and how regenerative travel practices have the potential to become an agent of positive transformation and contribute to a better quality of life for all involved.

Asia: The Future of Global Wellness Tourism (2019)

Wellness has become a dominant consumer value and lifestyle driver, and this is profoundly changing behavior, choices and spending decisions. To understand this fast-growing market, we conducted over 50 one-on-one interviews with travelers, luxury tour operators, spa consultants, travel journalists, wellness destination resorts and hospitality brands based in Asia Pacific to arrive at three main consumer archetypes who will be driving the future of wellness tourism in Asia. Discover who they are in this report.

What the Tech? (2018)

From railways and steamships to commercial flights, the age-old world of travel has benefited from technological advances since time immemorial. The impact technology and connectivity combined has had on the travel industry, as well as those of us who travel for fun (or for a living) is nothing short of astounding. Today, companies in the travel space have the opportunity to reach their customers earlier in their planning process than ever before, with AI, robotics, IoT and VR providing new ways to deliver innovative and more customized travel experiences without breaking the bank.






Travel in 2021: Safe, Slower, Soulful, Secluded, Sustainable
Regenerative Travel Principles for Hospitality
Asia: The Future of Global Wellness Tourism: Uncover the main consumer archetypes who will be driving the future of wellness tourism in Asia
What The Tech