The faces, places, and movements to watch in the world of design.

Thanks to an extensive network of industry thought leaders, global architecture and design firms housed within our lifestyle portfolio, we’re well-acquainted with the movements and mavericks defining the world of design. Our trend reports aim to provoke thought and distil the trends and talking points gaining ground in Greater China and beyond.

Future Cities (2020)

Covid-19 has inexorably changed the way we view density and urbanization. What should architects, urban planners, developers, and governments be thinking about now as they envision our future cities and the viability of our neighborhoods and communities? Read 20 reflections that seek to make sense of our world’s shared challenge ahead.

Made in China (2020)

Once upon a time, that stamp may have had a less than appealing connotation. It’s not the case now. We evaluate the trends shaping the state of design in China, and the extraordinary architects, designers, creatives, and tastemakers leading the charge in 2020 and beyond.

Design on Slow-Forward (2020)

Exploring the opportunities and key movements ahead, this report draws from research and conversations with respected architects and interior designers, as well as insights from CatchOn’s recent webinar entitled “How is Covid-19 Impacting the Future of Design?”.

10+10 (2017)

We’re inspired by China’s future. And in China, the future lies in design. This trend report profiles China’s most innovative talents and identifies the projects and people we’ll be talking about for the next 10 years.






Future Cities 2020
Made in China 2020
Design on Slow-Forward
10 + 10: A report profiling China’s most innovative talents and identifying the projects and people we’ll be talking about the next 10 years.