(EN) 10 Design Trends Defining China’s Future


(EN) 10 Design Trends Defining China’s Future


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Since CatchOn’s start in 2001 in Hong Kong, we were already doing projects in China. But it wasn’t until 2007 when we formally established an office there. Ten years on, China, like CatchOn, has experienced dramatic and exciting growth.

It’s been a busy, rewarding and – yes, occasionally – challenging 10 years. Through our offices in Shanghai and Beijing, we’ve had the privilege of seeing firsthand China’s cultural shifts and growing global influence marked by a burgeoning middle class, a boom in outbound tourism, a new appreciation for contemporary art and design, and a desire for luxury and quality of living. In decades to come, we’re expecting exponential growth in these areas as Chinese brands proudly take their place on the global stage.

We’re inspired by China’s future. And in China, we believe the future lies in design. Creative enterprises are flourishing, innovative artists are being celebrated and upcoming design projects are attracting rapturous attention from the world’s media.

To celebrate CatchOn’s tenth anniversary in China, we’ve consulted the innovators and trailblazers, the movers and mavericks to identify the people and trends who are shaping the future of China’s design industry to produce CatchOn’s 10+10 Made in China Report.

10 trends to look out for: Renaissance Rising Wellness By Design Craftsmanship: The Real Deal Renovation and Renewal Sustainability First Technology Today Creative Co-Working Going Global Young Talents People Power

For a full copy of CatchOn’s 10+10 Made in China Report, email us at insights@catchonco.com.

Jenny Lo

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