The Billie System

According to the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, “every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled” – a result of the explosion of fast fashion and overconsumption around the world, but particularly in Hong Kong, where over 370 tonnes of textiles are landfilled daily. Conceived by Novetex, The Billie System is an innovative upcycling factory that uses no water and produces no hazardous discharge in converting textile waste into recycled slivers, which can be spun into new yarn to create a variety of textiles. CatchOn worked with Novetex to develop the brand identity and messaging for this innovative solution to create the right awareness and adoption by the industry. Since its launch, The Billie System has been recognized by Fast Company in its annual World-Changing Ideas round-up and its CEO awarded Leader in Innovation at the Global Wellness Summit. The Billie System is firmly on the forefront of sustainable fashion.