TREND TALK: A Time of Transition


TREND TALK: A Time of Transition


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(Left: Rachel Dolezal; right: Caitlyn Jenner)  

With the recent hullabaloo surrounding the Rachel Dolezal transracial controversy, Caitlyn Jenner’s transgender debut, the hit TV series “Transparent”, and the FDA banning trans fats, we’re transfixed by words that creep into our consciousness and have a way defining a zeitgeist.


Yup, we’re in a trans-formative time and we’ll make an early call that “trans” is “the” buzzword to sum

up 2015 (Uhuh, you heard it here first). So get ready for:


Transshapers – folks who lose (or gain) a lot of weight

Transmigrants – possessed people

Transreligion – people who can’t make up their minds about which religion to follow

Transcontinental – a new way to describe frequent fliers because we’re bored with ‘road warriors’

Transdisciplinary – a genius, a con artist or both?

Transtrend – a way to disguise subtle changes as major shape shifting movements – ie, shortening hemlines are a ‘transtrend’.


Yes, the times – and the language — are a-changin’ and we’re entranced (or is that en-trans-ed?) by the transition.

  (Photo credit: & Vanity Fair) Catherine Feliciano-Chon

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