The Great Escape: Stockholm


The Great Escape: Stockholm


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Cassandra Rhodin is an illustrator and designer who founded Mini Rodini, a Swedish children’s wear brand, out of her apartment in Stockholm in 2006. Mini Rodini quickly became a sensation and is now one of Scandinavia’s fastest growing children’s wear brands, purveyed in department stores around the world, from Harvey Nichols to Selfridges and Barneys. Here, Cassandra shares her favorite spots and day trips in Stockholm.

What should one do, see, buy, eat, and experience if they’re visiting Stockholm for the first time?

I have a favourite restaurant called Rutabaga – they have an amazing tasting menu, and it is set in a beautiful building with a view over the Castle and the water. All the food is vegetarian, but it is so good. You will get the best pizza in town at 800 Grader! There is a little restaurant called Totemo Ramen in St Eriksgatan, they have the best ramen in town and you can get it vegan.

A nice hotel in Stockholm is Ett Hem, and it’s also a good place for drinks and food. In the winter you can sit by the fireplace. On a rainy day I would go to the Nationalmuseet, which has a great collection, and after that the modern museum, Moderna Museet.

The Old Town is a must, but stay away from the two main tourist streets. In the little alleys, there are lots of good antique shops. Don’t miss Storkyrkan, the big church – it is heavenly.

I grew up in an area in Sodermalm called SoFo, and there are good food, drinks, good shopping and design everywhere. Go here to have coffee and look at people, it’s artsy and it’s a place to eat, hang out with friends.

Mini Rodini

Best souvenir from Sweden would be anything from Svenskt Tenn, a beloved interior design store known for their iconic prints and founded by Estrid Ericson in 1924. And of course from Mini Rodini, the kids label I founded in 2006. We have the most sustainable range for parents and gift buyers. Great to bring home!

Where do you go to seek inspiration? What inspires your creative process?

Everything. From wildlife to pop culture, to the fantasy and free spirit of children.

What are your favourite getaways within Sweden and why?

Sandhamn, Sweden

The Swedish archapelago is amazing. There are hundreds of Islands that are good day trips and I can recommend Sandhamn and Grinda, the boats are going from central Stockholm.

There’s also a lot of lakes and swimming holes as well as woodlands where it’s great to go hiking and have picnics. But Hagaparken is a very beautiful park, to walk around in, swim and picnic.

Images courtesy of Cassandra Rhodin

For the summer, our family always goes to Fårö island, also known as Ingmar Bergman’s island, where he spent most of his life. I’ve been going there since my childhood days. It has long white Sandy beaches and cliffs. It’s a very spartan lifestyle on the whole island but there are a couple of restaurants on that serves really good food like Fårögården.

Also a great summer destination is along the Skane coast, in South of Sweden and my family loves going to Osterlen. Sometimes we rent a cottage for a couple of weeks. Simrishamn is a very artistic place, and we visit a lot of art galleries and antique stores when we are there. There’s also a lot of cider mills and locally produced food around that you can buy direct from the farms. But you will need a car or a good bicycle to get around.

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