The Great Escape: Copenhagen


The Great Escape: Copenhagen


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Coffee expert Patrik Rolf is the founder and CEO of April Coffee Roasters, a specialty coffee company in Copenhagen that produces sustainable high-quality roasts, coffee products, and equipment. Patrik is also the author of From Nerd to Pro: A Coffee Journey, which chronicles his story from Gothenburg, Sweden, to founding his own roastery in Copenhagen. Here, he shares his essential spots in the city he now calls home.

Copenhagen is beloved for its food, design, and architecture. What are your favorite places to eat, visit, and have a cup of coffee in Copenhagen?

That’s right, that’s the main reason for why I decided to start April in Copenhagen. I start mornings at Atelier September in the city center, which is great for coffee and breakfast. On the way to the office, I sometimes pick up pastries for the team at the best bakery in Copenhagen, Juno.

Later, for lunch, I would go to Omegn og Venner, located in the city food market — a small eatery that focuses on local produce. I often have lunch on the weekends at Kaferteria SMK, which is also a great place. Most of the food is plant-based, local, and cooked well. I like to visit Admiralgade 26, one of my favorite restaurants, in the evenings. They also make a great Japanese-inspired breakfast serving on the weekends. Around the corner from the restaurant, you can find the best natural wine bar in the city, Ved Stranden 10.

Stelling House. Image credit: Jonn Leffmann

In between eating food and drinking coffee, I enjoy visiting the Design Museum located in the city center or Louisiana, located a short train ride outside. There are also several great-looking buildings designed by Arne Jacobsen around town; my favorite is the Stelling House.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Image courtesy of the museum

You’ve opened your coffee roastery and store. What’s the secret to a good brew?

As with all food and beverage, it starts with the raw material; in our case, that means green coffee. After that, it has to be roasted well and brewed well. One of the most overlooked variables is the water quality used when brewing. Since the final cup is mainly water, it significantly impacts the taste. The secret is to have the best possible ingredients – high-quality washed green coffee, a great roast of that coffee, and clean water.

What are a few of your favorite cities with an exciting coffee culture?

I think there is great coffee in several cities worldwide, but if I choose a few, I would say Seoul , Oslo , and Tokyo . They are all diverse and interesting cities that allow the coffee culture to be featured in many different perspectives. I enjoy the diversity and the attention to detail and quality. It’s also the home to several renowned coffee roasters, which ensures the highest quality of coffee.

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