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Got you with that heading? Lest you think we’re referring to reefer bars, hashish browns or cheeba chews – though edible cannabis is definitely a trend – this chapter is dishing on the rise of one-pot meals

All-in-one meals speak to millennials’ need for comfort, convenience and communal experiences.  They also fit within the millennial lifestyle where traditional meal times aren’t fixed and the lines between work and play are blurred.  They fit into the “I-can-do-everything-all-at-once” mentality — work anywhere at anytime, shop on the go, hold a job and run my side business, build a global network and a personal brand — all while making a pozole.

The New York Times brought this long-simmering trend to a boil with their fawning endorsement of the kitchen gadget Instant Pot, calling the phenomenon a “new religion.” It’s a trend we don’t see subsiding any time soon.

Expect all kinds of stews, soups, savory porridges, tagines, curries, biryanis, paellas, chili con carne, and seafood bouillabaisse at homes and gracing menus.  Whether dining solo or with friends, one large pot souped up with a heady mix of ingredients does the trick. Throw in a loaf of crusty bread and a fine bottle of Pinot and you’re good to go.

This is an excerpt from our Future of Food Fourth Edition: The Field Guide To Millennial Foodies. To receive a copy of the full report, email insights@catchonco.com.

Catherine Feliciano-Chon

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