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Plea Bargain



One PR exec doesn’t know when to ditch the pitch

At CatchOn we’re willing to go to extreme lengths to nail a story and secure coverage for our clients. But there’s a big difference between being determined and just plain desperate.

Charlotte Horsfall, a PR executive from London-based agency 10 Yetis, has crossed that line.

For months, Charlotte harassed the editor of T3, a tech-centric magazine, to feature her client, the makers of a mobile phone application. When her many emails and phone calls went unanswered, Charlotte went from assertive to annoying. In a last-ditch effort to grab the editor’s attention, she posted a pleading video on YouTube.

The editor responded via Twitter with this simple reply:

“Clearly only one way I can respond to @charlotteyeti’s plea. Video camera is out…”

Proactive or pathetic? You decide.

Paul Calder

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