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Oculus Prime


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March madness is in full swing with countless art events happening around town. We’re particularly excited about the launch of Oculus, a collaboration between Swarovski and Joyce Wang. The installation will be unveiled at Art Central, during Art Basel Hong Kong. We catch up with Joyce for her thoughts on the piece.


What was your inspiration for this collaboration?


Nadja Swarvoski started the whole idea of collaboration with different designers in the fields of fashion, interior and product because someone once said to her that the crystal chandelier is obsolete and is an extinct idea. That comment sparked her to reinvigorate what the relevance of the chandelier is in the modern day. I took that to heart and thought about the concept from that point of view. Traditionally a crystal chandelier is very ornate, decorative and multifaceted and when you first look at it there is a wow moment. We wanted to invert that and have the multifaceted object within the object itself, so it’s ornate on the inside, more introspective and not as obvious to the first time viewer.


What was the design process?


We very much appreciated the free reign given during this collaborative process. Oculus started out as a lofty idea of having this pure form hold up hundreds of crystals. That was only really made possible because of how far Swarovski allowed us to push it. Swarovski was very cooperative and challenged their own team. The crystals spikes in Oculus are all different lengths and Swarovski has never really made such long crystal spikes before. They pushed the limits and somehow managed to make it possible for us.


What was the biggest challenge when designing this piece?


Working with the weight of the crystals. The material is very dense and we are suspending over 300 crystal spikes within the Oculus itself so we have to think about how it can be done and minimize the structure so that it conveys a porous and clean looking piece.


If you had to use three words to describe it, what would they be?


Introverted, pure silhouette and kaleidoscopic

(Photo credit: Swarovski)  Virginia Ngai

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