Heart Beaten


Heart Beaten


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At CatchOn, we value feedback. We always assess our performance and identify areas for improvement to move forward.  But does anyone want to hear an ex tell them their shortcomings? The gurus behind wotwentwrong.com think so.

A bizarre website targeting the brokenhearted, wotwentwrong.com invites those who have been dumped to email a survey to their ex to find out why.  “People who thought the first date was awesome or saw no signs anything was wrong with the relationship can end up blaming themselves,” explains the WotWentWrong press release. “It can cause lasting damage to someone’s self-esteem and future relationships. Closure can be hard to find on your own.”

Survey recipients can choose from pre-set categories to explain why they suddenly stopped calling, vanished or lost interest. Listed reasons include, “You text instead of calling”, “You are selfish” “You don’t make me feel attractive” or “You don’t pay for dinner when we go out”. If the reasons provided don’t cover all the bases (or add enough pain to the heartache), a separate form lets the dumper add their comments.

For the sake of a balanced appraisal, the survey also lets the dumper describe the ex’s best traits: “You are positive.” “You are insightful.” “You have a great body.”

The website won’t bring closure, but it is likely to bring some relief… to the recipients! Receiving a wotwentwrong email will only confirm what they always thought –their ex is a needy, insecure psycho!


Catherine Feliciano-Chon

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