Gripes of Wrath


Gripes of Wrath


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Businesses with poor customer service are about to pay the price., an Australian website set to launch in two weeks, offers cranky customers the chance to name-and-shame offending companies. The twist, though, is that firms can also use the website to win new business.


Unhappy customers submit their grievance to the website as a private message. uVent then forwards the complaint to the company in question. For a small fee, the company can access the customer’s details and resolve the matter directly. If, however, the gripe goes unanswered after a day, things turn nasty. uVent publishes the comments online and offers the customers details to the company’s competitors, helping them identify potential customers.


We’re counting the days till some savvy entrepreneur launches this in Hong Kong where bad service is as prevalent as the pollution. Next time you experience bad service, don’t get mad… get online!



Catherine Feliciano-Chon

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