Global Spas Engage the Change


Global Spas Engage the Change


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If the recent Global Spa Summit in Bali is anything to go by, spas and wellness are going social and scientific. Think augmented reality, immersive technology, gaming, apps to measure fitness , weight loss, diet and sleep habits,  toilet seats and digital sticks (that you pee on!) to diagnose one’s state of health, and more .  The annual pow-wow of the industry’s heavyweights has become the forum to discuss the latest research, trends and issues.

Some of the predictions: Spas are bound to become more ‘social’ and fun in terms of design and services. Green and sustainability continue to be top-of-mind. Wellness is increasingly in the forefront thanks to a number of initiatives promoting the convergence between spas and the medical community, plus the launch of the evidence-based medicine portal. Asia remains a hot-spot (no surprises there!).

We were a panelist at the branding workshop, discussing what spa brands need to do to succeed in today’s marketplace. Our advice:

  1. It’s more important for spas to be ‘meaningful’ than cutting edge or innovative.
  2. Know what your customers’ needs and wants and harness these insights in product/service development.
  3. Think of your social media strategy first before giving in to the pressure to go online.

With all the heady tech-talk, one wonders: How do spas stay hi-touch with hi-tech? How do we “engage” when guests come to us to disengage from reality?

Jenny Lo

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