Four Reasons to Use Video in Content Marketing


Four Reasons to Use Video in Content Marketing


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It’s no secret that video continues to be the dominant format in content marketing. This is driven by faster internet speeds, more visual-friendly digital platforms and users’ preference to engage with images and videos rather than text. Here are four reasons why you should start thinking video first when it comes to content.

It’s easy
These days you don’t have to invest in expensive camera equipment to produce engaging videos. At CatchOn, we host workshops to teach our team and clients how to script, produce and edit their videos with a smartphone. When you combine that expertise with mobile apps such as iMovie, Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Hype Type, you have a recipe for success.

Video Boosts your SEO Ranking
Google calculates how relevant your website is based on a number of factors, including engagement and time spent on your site. Stands to reason, then, the more videos on your page, the more time users spend on your site, the higher your SEO ranking. Pro tip: make sure to optimise your videos on YouTube for SEO with interesting titles and descriptions. Don’t forget to include links back to your website so your potential customers can take the next step to find you.

Video appeals to mobile users
Videos and mobile go hand in hand. Think back to your morning commute. How many mobile zombies were looking on their screen with headphones on? We rest our case.

Video is a core focus for social platforms
After Facebook’s aggressive push towards mobile, Mark Zuckerberg has been setting his sights on video as the Next Big Thing. In the past year we’ve seen Facebook invest in more original video productions with a focus on shorter-form content. Facebook has been expanding its video functions, including adding a video tab, letting people post live video and experimenting with live 360-degree video. We’re seeing the same trend in China; Miaopai has become a magnet for branded short videos thanks to its connection with Weibo. According to L2’s China: Online Video Insight report, if a brand’s Weibo post includes a video, engagement increases threefold.

Not sure where to start with video? Drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to brainstorm more ideas with you.

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