Food Fridays Episode 1: What’s Trending?


Food Fridays Episode 1: What’s Trending?


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It’s a known fact that at CatchOn, we’re serious about food and we’re constantly sharing insights, news and trends on the latest food happenings within our team to keep pace with the rapidly changing industry. It’s also great fodder for us when we contemplate our next issue of the Future of Food report. Interested in seeing what has captivated our interest lately? Read on.



Young, sophisticated females are reported to be the movers and shakers of the bar industry in South Korea. While men stick to familiar neighbourhood haunts, women are flocking to trendy craft beer bars, and consider craft beers a stylish, sophisticated drink.


One reason to wake up early – other than for brunch – on Sundays? Tong Chong Market. Featured are a range of stalls selling homegrown produce as well as restaurant vendors like Pololi, The Butchers Club, Grassroots Pantry, Bread and Beast, and Boomshack.  Just take Exit A when you hit Quarry Bay MTR station.


Chicago’s legendary World’s 50 Best Restaurants regular, Alinea, are about to close temporarily so they can re-open with a new concept. They plan to move their existing setup – piece by piece – across the ocean to Madrid, even going to acquire “FBI-certified background checks” for 42 staff, all just to share Alinea with “a new audience”.


We’ve seen our share of mad cow disease, chicken flu, recently even cancer-inducing pork, and now marine life is said to be dwindling at such a rate that our oceans today only have half as many fishes as it did 45 years ago.



Some probably already know the iconic Coca-Cola bottle was designed through a public contest, but did you know that the winning design was based on… cocoa pods? The designers knew the drink didn’t contain cocoa despite the name, but drew inspiration from the beautiful curvy sections of the cocoa pod regardless.


Tired of Hong Kong houses being too small to fit a proper-sized kitchen? Fear not. This YouTube channel teaches you how to cooks edible (albeit tiny) food in a dollhouse kitchen. All the food is made from real ingredients using the miniature appliances and plated on teeny tableware.


Following flavours like cherry blossom and wasabi, the product development team of Kit Kat in Japan have launched a new Kit Kat covered in edible gold leaf. I’ll take one, how much?


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