FINN Partners’ Travel Practice releases ‘Domestic Tourism – Recovery Starts at Home’ report on World Tourism Day


FINN Partners’ Travel Practice releases ‘Domestic Tourism – Recovery Starts at Home’ report on World Tourism Day


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On World Tourism Day (27 September), FINN Partners’ Travel Practice has released its report – ‘Domestic Tourism – Recovery Starts at Home’. The report highlights 25 of the world’s most innovative and creative domestic tourism campaigns that are being rolled out globally as examples of how domestic tourism is helping destinations recover while safeguarding jobs and protecting livelihoods until international travel returns.

The report includes domestic tourism initiatives from around the globe including: Destination New South Wales’ ‘Sydney Playcation’ campaign, France’s #CetÉtéJeVisiteLaFrance (this summer I am visiting France) incentive, Hong Kong’s ‘Holiday at Home’ initiative, Italy’s Bonus Vacanze (Holiday Bonus), Malta’s voucher scheme and Visit England’s ‘We’re Good To Go’ industry standard.

As travel restrictions around the world remain in flux, the impact of the global pandemic on tourism and hospitality continues to weigh heavy. Domestic tourism is returning faster than international tourism and is proving to be the critical lifeline for the global travel industry’s recovery.

Given that pre-Covid, domestic tourism was already six times international tourist arrivals (UNWTO – Understanding Domestic Tourism and Seizing its Opportunities, September 2020), the report highlights how destinations are seizing the opportunity with domestic tourism initiatives that have been creative and agile to address the ever-changing dynamics presented by this extraordinary crisis.

Debbie Flynn, Global Travel Practice Leader, FINN Partners commented: “Since lockdown restrictions have begun to ease to varying degrees, domestic tourism is returning faster than international tourism. In recent months, we have been forced to reset life’s priorities. The passion to travel and explore is inherent in us all and there is no doubt that our inner wanderlust will be what drives us to discover overseas lands once again. In the meantime, discovering our own countries is more important than ever for protecting the travel industry. Our report highlights some of these innovative campaigns already being rolled out globally, in a hope that it will inspire us and shed some light on the way forward.”

For a copy of the ‘Domestic Tourism – Recovery Starts at Home’ report visit:

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