Countdown to 2012: CATCHY CATCHPHRASES


Countdown to 2012: CATCHY CATCHPHRASES



When certain words start to creep into your vernacular, they’re more than cool buzzwords. These phrases plug you into the zeitgeist and reflect future trends. Below, our list of catchy catchphrases continuing to catch on in 2012 (how’s that for a tongue twister?):

“Artisans” – Forget ‘designer’, ‘creator’, or artist‘. It’s just cooler to identify with this crafty title because it suggests authenticity, heritage, and novelty…all the lovely things associated with new or even ‘real luxury.’ This will continue to be big movement in interior design, food & beverage and fashion, especially as a counterpoint to the increasing democratization of design and luxury goods. Brings new meaning to ‘made with pride’, signed, sealed and delivered.

 “Man Up!” – Or down. It’s a call to arms for a gender feeling disenfranchised by the current economic climate. Domen (domesticated men, as we coined last year) are shifting roles in the workplace and homes, creating crises of identity and periods of introspection. Expect more films, TV sitcoms, books, and online platforms capturing this market in the near future.

“Tech Butlers/Concierges” — Signals the slow demise of the conventional business centres and a change in hotel design (larger work areas in rooms, multi-purposed lobby lounges). These employees are our around-the-clock tech-savvy gurus, armed with power cords, converters, and rechargers.

 “Nym Wars” – Sounds like a plot out of Avatar. Close. Short of ‘pseudonym wars,’ it’s a debate over the issue of online identity, or Authenticity vs Aliases. Internet companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter are all weighing in on opposite camps pitting the hotly debated issues of privacy against transparency. It has far-reaching implications beyond just fake identities.  Watch this space.

“Curator” – Move over, museum custodian. It’s the advent of the ultimate purveyor.  “Retail curators” assemble likeminded retailers into a space; “social curators” are highly networked individuals who’ll give you access to their diverse black book; a “content curator” pulls together diverse content into a social media platform. While it has trend watchers rolling their eyes over this overworked buzzword, its implication spells a whole new raft of job roles and services.

“Phoodies” – foodies who photograph what they eat.  Yup, you heard it here first…

Catherine Feliciano-Chon

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