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Cool Conferences


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OK, so you missed TED this year. Take heart. Here are our picks of upcoming cool conferences coming up, where the CatchOn team goes mining for the hottest ideas and thought leaders shaping our future.

IntelligenceSquared Debates
The global forum for live debate now in London, Hong Kong, New York and Sydney.

  • “It’s Time To Clip America’s Global Wings” – April 5, New York City
  • “Western Parents Don’t Know How To Bring Up Their Children” Debate – June 8, London  (Arguing for the motion is Tiger mom Amy Chua. Expect this to get heated.)
  • “Art Must Be Beautiful” – May 27, Hong Kong

Salone Internationazionale Del Mobile – April 12-22, Milan
Grand diva of furniture & interior design fairs 

Maison & Objet – Sept 9-13, Paris
The world of home fashion, exhibition of the coolest lighting fixtures, furniture designs and accessories

Singularity Summit – New York City, date yet to be announced
Now that super computer Watson has won the Jeopardy challenge, find out how machines will continue to outsmart man in this an annual conference focused on the converging technologies such as robotics, nanotechnology, brain-computer interfaces, and artificial intelligence.

La Ciudad de Las Ideas – November 11-13, Puebla, Mexico
Billed as Mexico’s answer to TED.  Past speakers include Sheena Iyengar, Malcolm Gladwell, Chris Anderson

Web 2.0 Summit – San Francisco, date yet to be announced
Once a year, the Gods of the Tech Universe debate and determine business strategies and the future.

Paul Calder

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