#CatchOnCurates: Travel in Style with Ben Pundole, founder of AHotelLife.com


#CatchOnCurates: Travel in Style with Ben Pundole, founder of AHotelLife.com


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Ben Pundole has made a career of spotting what’s cool. His curatorial eye, as played out in his feed @ahotellife, has helped shape the brand experience of hotels like EDITION. We talk to him about travel on the go. 1. Aside from your passport, what item do you always carry when you travel? My Master and Dynamic Headphones. Definitely. 2. What do you wish more people would do when they travel? Recognize that travel is a privilege, dress well (no sports jerseys and track suits) and be polite. 3. What do you wish more hotels would get right? Read the guest! Some people like attention, others, like me, like to be left alone. 4. What was your most memorable journey? Easy. The Sacred Valley in Peru followed by Lima for two days.. Incredible country! 5. Who’s your ideal travel companion? I love traveling alone, but my girlfriend is a fascinating adventurer, so I’d have to say her. 6. If you ran an airline, what would you introduce or change? A quiet section! 7. What frustrates you when travelling? Rude, entitled people. 8. What’s a little-known secret about traveling in comfort? Guided meditation on flights is incredibly calming and grounding. I use an app called Headspace. 9. The best remedy for jet lag is… Acupuncture! 10. Name your most memorable journey. My annual visit to Burning Man. The people, the art, the parties! Paul Calder

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