CatchOn joins Finn Partners Family


CatchOn joins Finn Partners Family


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With the announcement of CatchOn joining the Finn Partners family, we talked to our founder, Cathy Feliciano-Chon, about this exciting development in our company’s history:

Why Finn and Why now?

We’ve achieved a lot in 18 years but we want to grow. And we need help and resources to do this. With the disruption taking place in our industry worldwide, joining the Finn Partners family will give us access to new capabilities and business opportunities we never had before.

For a start, they have a formidable tourism and hospitality portfolio, which we are now part of. They have a research arm to expand our thought leadership initiatives. They’re one of the leading global agencies in healthcare, an area we’d like to grow in. They’re huge in tech, something that’s transforming every aspect of our lives today. What’s more, they also own Polskin Arts, who counts nearly all the major museums and performing arts organizations in the world as clients.

We all know these worlds are converging and being part of a group who connects these dots presents new possibilities and solutions to be able to serve our clients’ needs better.

CatchOn has always been a hybrid practice, thriving in the intersection of various sectors and synergizing across disciplines. This has always been and will continue to be our competitive edge.

But ultimately, we believe this partnership will work because they are our kind of people. I was drawn to founder Peter Finn’s ethos: “Work hard, play nice”, which pretty much aligns with our mission of” doing great work for and with good people.”

Why did Finn Partners catch on? This was a strategic move for Peter and his team. Their Asian footprint is growing. Finn’s first foray in Asia was in Singapore where they acquired YING Communications. Our China presence and strong tourism and hospitality portfolio were attractive to Finn, which underscored their overall ambition to bolster their travel portfolio globally. But ultimately, our corporate culture and values align perfectly well with theirs. 

Tell us more about Finn Partners.

Founded in late 2011 on the core principles of innovation and collaborative partnership, Finn Partners has more than tripled in size in seven years, becoming one of the fastest growing independent public relations agencies in the world. The full-service marketing and communications company’s record setting pace is a result of organic growth and integrating new companies and new people into the FINN world through a common philosophy. With more than 650 professionals, FINN provides its clients with global access and capabilities in the U.S., Europe and Asia, in addition to PROI Worldwide. Headquartered in New York, FINN’s other offices are located in: Chicago, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, London, Los Angeles, Munich, Nashville, Paris, Portland, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore and Washington D.C.

Read the press release here


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