CatchOn to the Future of Food


CatchOn to the Future of Food


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At CatchOn, being a committed foodie is almost a job requirement. Over the years, we’ve grilled leading chefs, turned sommeliers into celebrities and hosted our share of power breakfasts – all in the name of work. Given our epicurean fascination, we relished the opportunity to prepare this report on the ‘Future of Food’.

Through interviews with chefs, restaurateurs, journalists, artists, gourmands, interior designers, and “culinary culturists” worldwide, we’ve shortlisted the influences shaping our relationship with food, identifying macro movements,  hot spots, personalities, ingredients,  design trends and the buzzwords shaping the food scene today. After sifting through the experts and chewing over the findings, we now proudly dish up the results. To get the full report, write to:

Catherine Feliciano-Chon

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