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Last week George Clooney jetted into Hong Kong to speak at a financial forum. While we admire the bravado of the woman who asked for his room number during the Q&A session, we would have questioned the star on his commercial endorsements.  The Oscar winner has earned some flak for his blah Nespresso ads, but his latest spot for DnB NOR, Norway’s largest bank, takes a more tongue-in-cheek approach, skewering his persona as Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor. A bleary-eyed woman wakes up in a ritzy suite sporting a huge rock on her finger. Through her hangover haze, she tries to piece together what happened the night before. Turns out she married George Clooney! The ad ends with a tagline about being lucky in life (or something), but it’s all a tad unsettling (is he the kind of guy to marry on a whim and wear a horse’s head to social events?). Clearly for George, dignity can be sold at a price.

Jenny Lo

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