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  • Design & Architecture
    October 11, 2017

    #CatchOnCurates: Futuristic Bathroom Design with Teo Su Seam of LTW

    From sanctuaries of absolution to a harried mom’s panic room, bathrooms have come a long way from their more perfunctory roles. We talked to Teo Su Seam, partner at LTW, an award-winning interior design studio, who recently unveiled their design for the Kohler Experience Centre in Singapore. What’s the future of bathroom design? If I told you bathrooms in the future will be one-part spa and...

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    Food & Beverage
    September 25, 2017

    #CatchOnCurates: Eat in Style with Richard Ekkebus of Amber

    Ahead of Amber’s exciting six-hands (!) dinner with two of Japan’s most innovative restaurants tomorrow night, we ask the award-winning Richard Ekkebus twleve questions during a quick tête-à-tête. 1. Name a tool/gadget you can’t live without? A spoon: to taste & to plate 2. Describe your personality as a flavor profile? Umami the fifth taste that has shaped my cooking personality over the past years; the taste of more….. 3....

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