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    August 31, 2015

    Design of the Times

    Today the much-loved Hotel Okura in Tokyo will close for major renovations, despite a campaign from the architecture and design community to ‘save’ it.  A landmark since it opened in 1962, it’s been an icon of Japanese modern design and a landmark of immense historical and cultural value. Although the son of the original architect (Yoshiro Taniguchi) is spearheading the project, naysayers fear the result will...

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    Food & Beverage
    August 20, 2015

    Can a Chef’s Personality Alter Your Palate?

    As part of our ongoing exploration into the Future of Food, we’ve often wondered: Can chefs curry favor with diners? Can hardboiled consumers be sweetened with some gourmet chatter?  We decided to investigate and behold the results. Our study invited 48 diners to Serge et le Phoque, a restaurant in Wanchai in Hong Kong, under the pretext that they were...

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